TheConsummate Home LLC

services to complete your home and organize your life


Are you overwhelmed by the mess and clutter in your home, garage, or place of business?  There’s no need to feel nervous, judged, stressed or embarrassed.  The Consummate Home specializes in organizing your life!  When your house, garage, place of business is in order, your life can be in order!  Things are so much easier to find when they are placed logically and orderly about your home.  This degree of semblance will provide a roomier living space than you’ll ever remember!  The Consummate Home will leave you organized and clutter free, now and always!   Gain a new appreciation for your space today!


Home/garage/office organization services include:

• One single closet or room to entire space organization

• Helping sell, donate, recycle or discard unwanted items

• Suggest practical sustainable solutions to minimize clutter

• Provide new storage solutions (totes/bins, shelving/cabinet systems) to store retained items