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Home Staging

Staging is packaging your home as a product for sale so that it gets the most positive attention from buyers.  A home that looks like it needs work or isn't move-in ready prompts buyers to low-ball their offers, or eliminate it from consideration altogether.

Staging aims to de-personalize your home and make it appealing to virtually all prospective buyers.  The Consummate Home wants to help you make your home look its best!  Homes that are staged to reflect current trends attract more buyers, resulting in multiple offers, quicker transactions, and higher sale prices.  An agent may even recommend a price increase once your home is properly staged!

Here are the efforts that The Consummate Home will make in staging your property.  In taking advantage of many of our other services, you will already be preparing your home for proper staging:

• Get your home de-cluttered and organized (including closets, attics, basements, and garages).

• Assist in de-personalizing your home so that buyers can see themselves living there.

• Add special touches that will make your home stand out from the others.

• Remove and/or rearrange furniture to create a feeling of spaciousness.

• Update or remove window treatments.

• Bring your home in-line with current design trends.

• Give your bedrooms and bathrooms a hotel like feel.

• Create or maximize focal points.

• Ensure your home has a good "flow" from room to room.

• Update and add lighting where needed.

• Use accessories effectively.

• Hang mirrors and artwork to brighten your home and highlight features.

• Spruce up entrances, decks, and other outdoor spaces.